The Bourkade

Since I was a kid, video (arcade) games were my vice.

My escape.

My sanctuary.

There are very few things in the world that compared to the feeling of being in, or on, an arcade. The experience of instantly being transported to this, sanctuary, as soon as I stepped inside an arcade, or put a 20c coin into the coin slot. The music, the sounds, the friends and regulars, the rivals, the scores to beat, the new game worlds to be immersed in. Once both feet were inside that arcade, where-ever it was, the real world became a distanced place. Another life. This was my parallel home. There were no cares or concerns here, no judgement, nothing to fear, and no place I’d rather be.

The Bourkade is simply a time machine. Where I and those around me can be transported back to this sanctuary. As soon as our feet are inside, and the doors are closed, we’re back there again. All our friends. All the sounds. All of the feels. None of the worries or judgement – and just some of Blandman’s BS to fear…

The Bourkade Inventory

This original LAI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles machines I purchased in 2000 when I was at some guys house looking at a lowboy snow bros. machine he had for sale (one of my favourite games). After viewing it’s condition I decided I wasn’t interested, but before I could leave he asked me to check out one more he had in the back shed (and I mean Bunnings tin shed style back shed).

There was a machine on it’s back with a cover over it, he pulled the cover off and revealed this. “Not sure if it works or not, but do you want it?” Now, this is the very first time in my arcade buying career I had to contain myself so’s not to let on that this was a big deal. I said look, seeing it’s up here doing nothing I could use it for parts? How’s $500?……

I’ve been looking for a Mortal Kombat 2 machine since I started collecting, but recently decided a more custom approach might be in order. Most of the MK2 machines out there are already in the hands of collectors, or word has got to those that have them how much they are worth (in good condition) so are priced out of what I’m willing to pay.

This machine came up during that hunt, and was paired with a lowboy. One of the Bourkade OG (Sweep) was keen to get his hands on his own cab, so we split the pickup. The monitors are what ultimately sealed the deal for us – fantastically bright and sharp. Eventually this will be customised into an MK machine, but for now, it’s serving it’s role in the tournament (Raspberry Jamma Equiped).

A long time in the making (and still a work-in-progress), this custom Vewlix build is an Emulation hub. Although primarily focused on MAME, it also features a number of classic systems (SNES/Mega Drive/Dreamcast/NeoGeo etc) as well as modern day systems (Steam) for the new wave of 8 bit games.

There is a lot to this machine, both cosmetically and technically – including custom Arduino driven LED lighting (so for example, if you Hadouken (Street Fighter Players..) a fireball animation runs across the buttons) and complete custom MAME bezel and scan line integrations to accurately replicate the old style arcade monitor scanlines/glows, on a modern LED screen.

A link to the full build will be posted shortly…..

The OG. My very first purchase back in 1998. Quickly followed by the 2 games that are the reason I bought it – Bombjack and Rush ‘n’ Crash (Speed Rumbler). This machine I actually used as a desk for the PC gaming I was also doing at the time! Made for a great loading screen killer….

Still in it’s mostly original condition (control panel as been upgraded, but can be easily reverted) this is wired as a 22-way cabinet and has been my pride and joy since the day it showed up. All serials still on and hasn’t skipped a beat, having only had 1 service to the monitor chassis, and a few stick/button upgrades since I’ve owned it. When the chassis was out I rewired it it all up ready for another 20 years of use….

Every collector has that 1 machine that was the ultimate “steal”. well, this is mine. Saw the ad within 15 minutes of it being listed and thought “what’s the catch?” – turned out, there wasn’t one, so frantically made the call and rushed to collect minutes before someone else tried.

This is a 9/10 condition 100% original Missile Command Cocktail, that someones dad was “getting rid of because the son is overseas” – for $150….

Glad my dad would never do that to me!

Info to come…

The Bourkade Tournament

Oh ffs we better not be playing 1942 this round…

Kerojodo, 2017

Oi just hold downback! – oh shit now he’s jump kicking!

Everyone vs. Sweep, 2017



Button Presses (Mash!)



Coins Inserted!



Metric Tonnes of BS Detected!



Machine Destroyed (BJ)

I Want More! (and in?)

You can keep in touch with all Bourkade happenings across a few different platforms marked up below. I’m usually floating about in the usual online arcade spaces (Gumtree lul). Although the Bourkade is a private space, it might one day expand to become more, or if you know me (or want to get to) you’re welcome to reach out 😉

All Bourkade vlogs and Tournament videos will be up on the Bourkade Youtube (with members permission of course).

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